An investment for the future: the first wooden vat cellar of the Southwest, in the service of great wines

Alain Brumont, a recognized avant-gardist, is never short of new ideas. This time, however, it's back to basics with an innovative concept of a prolonged ageing process of his wines. In an endeavor to improve and to bring more structure to the high end wines of Châteaux Montus and Bouscassé, four wooden vats of 8.000 liters (the first of a series of eighty) were received and installed prior to the 2018 harvesting season.

Thanks to their egg-shaped silhouettes, these large wooden vats allow a continual movement of the wine. As a result of this constant motion, sediments present in the grape must enrich the structure of the wine consistently. Another technical advantage lies in the thickness of the staves that are used to assemble these vats. Their lifespan and the exchanges between wood and wine are enhanced thanks to the 10cm width of each stave.

Prolonged ageing in wooden barrels : a velvety result guaranteed !

According to the quality and the nature of the vintage, a selection of Alain Brumont's wines will benefit from an ageing of 2 years in new oak barrels, followed by 3 to 5 years in large wooden vats. Maturing will be finalized in the "Tannat Safe" where the wine will rest in its bottle between 2 and 3 years, in a controlled environment of 12°C and a hydrometric atmosphere of 70 %. Certain vintages will then be released into the market while others will remain so that they can reach their full potential. A prototype of this maturing process has already been trialed with oak ageing ranging from 8 to 10 years.

Alain Brumont : a specialist of great wine refining

Historically accustomed to long periods of ageing, certain vintages of Châteaux Montus &

Bouscassé have already benefited from a maturing process ranging from 5 to 8 years. Such is the case with Château Montus XL, aged for up to 40 months in 600 liter barrels. This ageing technique embellishes the prestigious grape variety of the Madiran appellation, the Tannat, and accentuates its wealth, its depth and its matchless freshness.