Alain Brumont and Fabien Merlou have managed Château Laroche Brumont's 35 hectares of vines together since 2002. Fabien Merlou deals with the vineyard while Alain Brumont is responsible for the winery. This collaboration has produced two cuvées: Eglise and Grange.
Eglise is made from 6 hectares of vines, and is a high-end cuvée, comparable to the two finest wines produced in Madiran, which are Montus and Bouscassé.
A powerful, deep, velvety wine that can be kept for 20 to 30 years.

Grape varieties

Tannat, Cabernet Franc


Steep slope with large pebbles, clay subsoil. South facing.

Vinification and aging

Vinification of a blend of grape varieties.
Extraction through punching down of the pomace cap, long maceration.
Maturing for 18 months in barrels (60% new).

Tasting notes

Elegant aromas and complexity: black fruit, cocoa, pepper.
The tannins are well-rounded, smooth and deep.
Aging in new oak barrels contributes to the wine's harmony.

Food and wine pairing

Red meat, lamb, duck breast.