Château Montus The story began in 1980...

Alain Brumont bought Château Montus in 1980, on the basis of the terroir's reputation in the 18th century.

With its large reddish pebbles, this terroir is one of the last traces of the beginning of the Pyrenees, dating back 40 million years. Today's Pyrenees deposit large black pebbles marbled with white in our rivers.


Steep slopes (20-40%) fully south-facing, intense sunshine, covered with large pebbles. Yellow and red clay subsoil.

La Tyre

With a perfect south-west orientation, this very steep terroir benefits from lots of gentle sunshine. Consisting of rounded pebbles on top of red variegated clay, there is often a very light breeze that ventilates the sun-warmed pebbled.

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Château Bouscassé Family owned for many, many years

Alain Brumont has been selecting the best terroirs in the commune of Maumusson-Laguian since 1980.

It is from these great hillside terroirs perched on the limestone cliffs, made up of a wonderful variety of south-western clays, that Alain Brumont produces four exceptional wines:


his terroir consists of a collection of plots of fine yellow and white variegated clays on a layer of fissured limestone. On the edges are two iron-rich clay terroirs with a concretion of iron and manganese oxide.
Here is Madiran's former elegance, charm and voluptuousness, in all its 18th century glory, when it rubbed shoulders with France's greatest wines and reigned supreme over the rich cuisine of the Southwest.

Vielles Vignes

Produced from vines that are more than 50 years-old, Vieilles Vignes come from the finest white clay terroirs, with small black and white pebbles on the surface. Replacement by marcottage (layering) provides a way of obtaining healthy ungrafted vines.

Les Menhirs

A unique terroir in Madiran, the eastern side consists of blocks of stone in the form of "menhirs", weighing from 1 to 30 tons, surrounded by deep yellow clay. Tannat is the predominant grape variety here. The western side consists of grey clay and a deep layer of soft chalk. This side is planted exclusively with Merlot.

Red Clay

This terroir consists of two plots of red clay on a subsoil of fissured rock, which provides perfect humidity. Planted with Tannat, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, this ferruginous terroir produces an elegant, mellow wine with flavours of candied blood orange and delicately distilled blackberries.

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