Le Pinot noir d'Alain Brumont

Le Pinot noir d'Alain Brumont

Vin de France

Outside of Bourgogne, the famous grape variety Pinot Noir has been part of the Haute Pyrénées department (Château Montus) from 200 years. 'First replantation of the Pinot Noir in the South-west' by Alain Brumont in 1996. It took 10 years of wine making and attempts to find a style required by Alain Brumont: The Alain Brumont's Pinot Noir. Another way to taste a Pinot Noir, an unique style, between Bourgogne and Oregon according to the critic.

Grape varieties

Pinot Noir 100%


Plateaus and slopes of red, oranges clays, with rounded pebbles

Vinification and aging

Pre-fermentation cold maceration, selection of the grains by an optical camera, fermentation at 25°c, maceration for 3-4 weeks. Malolactic fermentation in barrels. Ageing in 60% new barrels.

Tasting notes

This wine has a more Côte de Nuit style. Typical aromas of black cherries, thyme, cornflowers. The soil brings spicy notes of grey pepper. In the mouth, the wine has presence and personality: freshness and beautiful structure, volume and depth.

Food and wine pairing

Viandes rouges, agneau, magret de canard.