Montus XL

Montus XL


The XL cuvée recalls the memory of Alain Brumont's ancestors, who as the result of a great vintage, purchased a new 600 litre barrel (demi-muid). It was filled with Tannat, which was then left for 36 to 40 months, topped up with pebbles from the Adour River. It was only due to the richness, depth and concentration of the Tannat that such a long maturing period was possible. This unusual ageing process gives Tannat wines a complex bouquet (cocoa, mocha, leather, cigar box) and a generous, mellow palate. It is recommended to wait 15 years before drinking it.

Grape varieties



Steep slopes with rounded pebbles, embedded in the clay to a depth of 3 to 5 m, which improves the soil's drainage and oxygenation. Generally south-facing, well-drained, warm terroir, suited to producing very ripe grapes

Vinification and aging

Maceration for 3 to 6 weeks.
Fermentation at 28°C, punching down of the pomace cap, malolactic fermentation in wooden vats.
Maturing on the lees for 40 months in 600 litre barrels

Tasting notes

Rich, deep, complex, concentrated wine.
Refined tannins and perfect balance.
Elegant palate with a harmonious, fresh finish.
Cigar, mocha, oak tar, balsamic notes and aromas of marquetry

Food and wine pairing

Montus XL is the perfect accompaniment to hare "à la royale", rib of beef, game, porcini mushrooms, truffles...