Merlot - Tannat

Merlot - Tannat

Côtes de Gascogne

Alain Brumont has always been passionate about Gascony; for him it represents an exceptional reserve of micro-terroirs. A pleasant, generous wine, typical of the Gascon terroir, this cuvée is the product of a marriage between the roundness and suppleness of Merlot, and the generosity of Tannat

Grape varieties

Merlot, Tannat


Clay-limestone soil with grey clay, with a specific kind of soil known as "Peyrusquet"

Vinification and aging

Fermentation of a blend of grape varieties.
Traditional maceration for 15 days.
Cold pre-fermentation maceration.
Maturing in vats for one year, no barrel ageing in order to let the grapes and the terroir fully express themselves

Tasting notes

Predominant notes of red fruit and spices. On the palate, the bouquet's fruity promise is confirmed, supplemented by soft tannins, resulting in a supple, well-rounded finish

Food and wine pairing

This recently created Merlot-Tannat blend is already arousing considerable interest. It goes very well with charcuterie, fairly young cheeses, Bigorre "Black Pork", chicken casserole, grilled red meat, roasted poultry, marinated meat cooked on a flat-top grill.